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Top Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing - Page 3/10

Non-Permission Emailís Two Secret Traps

- When you send out email blasts to an opt-out audience, you may be wasting half or more of your spend by sending to email addresses that donít exist anymore or that block your messages. Address churn on a typical email list is 20% to 30% a year, on average. So, if a list is two years old, more than half of the addresses likely have gone bad. If youíre not the one who collected the addresses, you have no connection with the address owners,and they have no motivation to keep you up to date.
- Opt-out can get you blacklisted, which means you waste even more money on undeliverable addresses.Spam-reporting services often create specific email addresses and add them to mailing lists just to see who grabs them up and spams them. Then, they report those email senders to blacklists or file spam complaints.

You know that low-cost mailing list you just rented? Itís probably riddled with spam traps. If you get reported often enough, or if you generate enough spam complaints or bad addresses, ISPs and email providers will block everything coming from your email address, IP address, or domain or company name.

Why Permission Email Marketing Makes Sense

Surveys and statistics aside, permission-based email marketing just makes more sense, both for customer relations and your marketing budget.

Why throw money at people who have not demonstrated interest in your products or services? The little you earn from the few who will open an unsolicited email because theyíre interested in your product will be offset by the diminishing returns youíll face as more ISPs block your emails.

Optimizing Email Opt-in Pages

Now that youíre convinced that using an opt-in process is the best practice you should follow, what do you do next? Make sure that youíve optimized your email opt-in process to your best advantage. How you present your opt-in pages and forms determines the rate of list growth, the quality of your list and establishes subscriber expectations that subsequently drive email performance.

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